Autoclave is a high temperature and high pressure equipment in intermittent operation.It is widely used in sand-lime brick, fly ash brick, silicate concrete, Cement products for steaming support, so that speed up the hardening process for products. That will help users shorten the cycle for manufacturing, accordingly, it will improve economical efficiency. Autoclave also can be used in medicine, chemicals, textiles, timber industries and so on.
Security chain device through provincial-level expert group identified.
Advanced technology, quality and safety use.
Reasonable product structure and easy installation.
Low investment cost with a complete set.
Specification and the technology data of steams and raised cauclrom
Number Specifi-cation
Maximal design pressure
Actuating pressure
Design the tem-perature
Working tempera-ture(��) Service fluid Type size(m)
1 ��2��21 1.4 1.3 198.34 194.13 Saturated steam 22.12��2.6��2.973
2 ��2��27 1.6 1.5 200 197 Saturated steam 28.12��2.6��3.211
3 ��2��30 1.6 1.5 200 197 Saturated steam 31.12��2.83��3.211
4 ��2.85��26 1.65 1.5 205 200 Saturated steam 27.4��3.595��4.504
5 ��2.85��39 1.65 1.5 205 200 Saturated steam 40.4��3.595��4.504
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