Ground overturned cutting machine
The cutter is constructs at the northeast design institute,based on domestic situation by China independently . In domestic it is obtained a better promotion. In 1995 the northeast courtyard has made the improvement to the original cutter flaw, enable this type to obtain has further consummated, this company in the northeast courtyard improvement design type, according to produced the factory the service condition to make the improvement and the consummation, enable this type the superiority to obtain has further displayed.
Recuperates in advance.Base body will hang from the fixed-point driving to turns on the turnplate to take off the moldframe, will turn the turnplate to turn over 90 through the hydraulicgear, again by longitudinal will cut the organization and the acrosscutting organization completes six cuts,Base body will cut later to turnover 90 by the hydraulic gear to return to the home position again,will complete time cuts the cycle.
Main characteristic:
1 cuts the steel Silk is short, cuts precision is high.
2 steams recuperates Base body does not stick, to produces the granulated substance air entrainment artificial brick to be more advantageous.
3 may produce the plate, does not need to break off the trigger.
4 cuts the waste material all to be possible the sales commission,after the artificial brick to steam recuperates.the waste material is disappear.
5 simple operation, can realize the automatic control.

Cutterbar specification and technology parameter
No. Size Front cuts the semifinished materials(mm) Cycle Ability
Precision(mm) Total output
outlook size(mm)
1 JQF3.9 4050��1240��650 6 min/ model The above 100,000 Six cuts<��2 26.5 11000��4200��5600
2 JQF6.0 6050��1540��650 6 min/ model The above 100,000 Six cuts<��2 30 13200��4600��5800
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