Swing bed
To classify the granularity 2-0.02 Ball Millimeters ore and ore slime the rank tungsten, the tin ,the niobium, the manganese, the chromium, the titanium, the lead, the gold iron (rediron, brown iron)and so on the metallic minerals.
Technical parameters
Specification LYN S �?100×1050 50�?50
Stroke 12�?8 Size of bed surface(mm) 2100×1050/850
Stroke frequency 250,350,450 Motor Y90L�?,1.1KW
Transverse obliquity> 0�?0 Capacity(t/h) 0.3�?.5
Size Mine bed-2-0.1 mud-0.1 Weight(kg) 450
Concentration% 10�?0 Dimensions(mm) 3200×1150×1020
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