Producer gas generator
Owing a series the coal gas producer is that the bottle develops but is accomplished in doing style ash except dust on gas stove basis , that he has absorbed dry style getting rid of the disheartened characteristic , has adopt the patent ping-pong to get rid of residue organization and, is the new area intelligence type high-effect energy conservation environmental protection product that my company promotes. Characteristic: Adopt unique dust to check structure, the furnace wall is protected forever by slag; Have the damaged residue big and powerful , loosen the residue , the effect breathing freely; Be pressure container concept from removing a gas stove fundamentally; Realize Ball Mill furnace furnace temperature autocontrol.
That stove applies to a coal gas once broadly heat the producer selling the Ball Mill furnace , the coal gas at reduced prices forging the stove , the coal gas. The coal gas crucible furnace , coal gas model shell bake a stove , the coal gas roasts the bag stove , hot coal gas resin grit law regenerates a stove , the coal gas glass melting furnace , coal gas ceramics burn the energy conservation environmental protection technical transformation becoming fields such as stove and inverted coal gas grog cigarette kiln.
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