Qtg 4--25 Automatic block making
QTJ4-25  block forming machine is semiautomatic, developed by our company on the base of the former medium and small block forming machines. Four guide posts and V-iron standers make the equipment firmer and the location of die set and head more accurate. The directional plumb and vibration of bed die and the pressure vibration of upper die greatly promote the production efficiency. And the produced block has even degree of compaction and high intensity. So the machine shall be first selected by customers.
Brick specification Piece quantity for forming Forming cycle Shift output(8h)
390×190×190 4(pcs) 25(s) 4500-5000 (pcs)
390×240×190 3(pcs) 25(s) 3500-4000(pcs)
240×115×90 15(pcs) 25(s) 15000-20000 (pcs)
240×115×53 26-30(pcs) 25(s) 30000-40000(pcs)
Complicated shape brick can be manufactured according to the needs of clients. Power of main engine:9k.
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