Dosing Scale/Arch Breaker

Dosing Scale/Arch Breaker

Speed governing constant feeder is the ideal equipment for quantitative feeding and mixing, which has the function of both dosing and feeding, measures accurately, may be operated by single control if having one feeder or by united control if having more than one feeder, and has inulti kinds of interfaces to weigh lump, granule and powder materials automatically and continuously.

Power Screw Dosing Scale

The dosing scale applies to the transportation of powder materials an~ particulate materials, control and measurement of material flow. Single- pipe flooding roll screw feeder adopts frequency conversion speed governo~ to control the quantity of feeding materials, which transports steadily: controls material flow accurately and Ineasures by single-pipe metering roll balance.

PG Arc Breaker

It has been a difficult problem for many years that arch forming inside storage bin leads to material flow jam. In ord~r to solve the problem, our company developed the special arch breaker installed in the storage bin. Through the vibration of the two vibrating board equipped vertically inside to meet the requirement of breaking arch and unloading materials, which owns the characteristics of big swing and strong vibration force. This equipment applies to breaking arch of large material warehouse such as fly ash silo, gypsum silo and cement silo, etc.

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