Qtg 6--15Automatic hydraulic block making machine
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Main parameter
Takes shape block number Artificial brick specification Takes shape cycle Shift production Entire machine power
30 Block / Mold   390 × 190 × 190 ( mm )
 240 × 115 × 53 ( mm )
15  second / time 14000 — 17000 Block
70000 — 90000

■ Characteristic
1. This machine collection machine, electricity, fluid in a body. When opening machine automatic circulation revolution, each movement procedure mutually locks.
2. Using imports electric appliance, high tech PLC computer control uses for parts data feeds output device.
3. Hydraulic control system has the large capacity fuel tank body automatic accent to press the variable system, High and low pressure control system, Synchronized drawing of patterns installment composition.
4. Uses for parts the cooling system, could guarantee the fat liquor temperature and viscosity, cause entire hydraulic system more stable and reliable.
5. The organism uses strong section and special material manufacture, steel good, wear-resisting vibration and attrition that using cycle is longer.
6. One machine multipurpose, through replaces mold to be possible produce the different specification spatial core brick, porous brick and sign brick.
■ Type end product brick: